Primary Databases for Biblical Studies
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Primary Book Resources for Biblical Studies
  • Online Catalog Unrestricted Resource
    The online public access catalog (OPAC) for the campus libraries. 
    Note: Login to place holds, request a purchase, or renew items.
  • ProQuest ebook collections (ebrary) Restricted Resource Some full text available
    A collection of thousands of ebook titles supporting all disciplines.
    Note: Access limited to current students and employees.
  • Religion eBook Collection (EBSCOhost) Restricted Resource Some full text available
    This collection of ebooks primarily deals with issues of religion, pastoral ministry, psychology, and the social sciences.
    Note: Access limited to current students and employees.
Online Resource Guides
Biblical and Theological Studies Guide
A guide to freely accessible resources for Biblical and Theological Studies.
Comparative Tools
A resource from the Christian Classics Ethereal Library that allows for comparative study between versions of scripture, commentaries, sermons, and hymns.
Dictionaries and Lexicons

Biblical Dictionaries
An online resource offering six Bible dictionaries.

Liddell-Scott-Jones Greek-English Lexicon
Online version of the Liddell-Scott-JonesGreek-English Lexicon (LSJ).

A free online Bible encyclopedia created by the Society of Biblical Literature. Offers art, photographs, video, essays, maps, and scriptural text.

Bible Translations

An online resource offering the Bible in more than 200 versions in 70+ languages.

Blue Letter Bible 
An online resource offering tools for in-depth study of more than 20 versions of the Bible. 

An online tool offering comparison for various Bible translations with relevant images and commentary.

​Lumina Bible 
An online resource offering comparative tools of scripture and commentary. 

Step Bible 
An online resource from Tyndale House, Cambridge that offers comparative tools of scripture and commentary.

Other Web Resources

Ancient Hebrew Research Center
Language lessons, dictionaries, articles and other material related to the study of Hebrew.

New Testament Gateway
A web directory of academic resources related to the study of the New Testament.

OT and Ancient Near East
Website of Ralph Klein, with links to articles and resources to the study of the OT and Ancient Near East.

Religion on the Web
An annotated guide to a variety of electronic resources for the study and practice of religion.

The Paul Page
An expanding website devoted to recent trends in Pauline studies.

New Testament Texts
The online, scholarly portal for the German Bible Society. Provides the Novum Testamentum Gracaece (NA28) and the Greek New Testament (UBS GNT). 

SBL Greek New Testament
Downloadable Greek New Testament, edited by Michael W. Holmes. The critically edited text differs from the Nestle-Aland/United Bible Societies text in more than 540 variation units.

Text of the 1598 Vulgate.
Old Testament Texts
The online, scholarly portal for the German Bible Society. Provides the Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (BHS), the Masoretic Hebrew Old Testament text.